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Cd Dvd Rw Drives - How to Install CD DVD RW Drives

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You might be looking to purchase an internal disc burner into your computer, but the installation process might be what’s holding you back. Of course, external burners are more expensive as opposed to internal burners because of the ease of hooking them as well as portability. The fact that you might be looking at CD DVD RW drives that are internal shouldn’t stray you away from buying them at all. They are actually quite simple to install, and they don’t require a professional. Just be sure that you are familiar with the names of cables, what they look like, terms such as “master” and “slave,” etc.

The first thing you should do is survey your computer to make sure the upgrade will be possible. Are there spaces available (big rectangular patches of plastic) on the front of the tower? These are in place for a reason, and that’s so you can install more drives. They can easily be broken away for your new drive. You can also consider replacing your old optical drive with the new one. Either way, you need to decide what you’ll be doing so you don’t come to a stopping point in the middle of the process.

The first step in installing CD DVD RW drives is to take off the side door to the computer. It’s alright if it’s not instantly obvious how to take it off. You will probably have to spend a minute examining how the manufacturer made the door to latch on, so study the procedure for taking it off. If you have to, refer to the manual. Usually the door is held in place by screws on the back of the tower. These can be removed by a Phillips screwdriver.

Once you’re peering inside of the tower, you’ll want to make room for your drive. This is done by either opening up the plastic space on the front of the tower or removing your old optical drive. You might also see a metal piece that blocks the drive bay if you’re using a new space. This needs to be removed as well.

Your next step is to actually insert the drive. Then you’ll want to open the drive and configure the drive jumpers so that the drive is either a master or a slave drive. Basically, if this drive is the only one using the IDE cable, you can go ahead and set it to “master.” If this is the second drive that will be occupying the IDE cable, then this drive would indeed be a slave drive. If you’re absolutely unsure of what you should be doing, refer to the installation instructions in the manual for the drive.

Once you’ve figured out what your jumpers should be set to, you can now plug the IDE cable in to the back of the drive. The IDE cable fits into CD DVD RW drives only in one standard way, and typically you will need to drive a little force behind pushing the cable in. Next, you’ll notice a port next to where the IDE cable plugs into. This is where your power cord plugs into, and the cord usually has a white connector. Plug this into the drive so that your optical drive will have power. Make sure that yellow wire is facing out on the power cord when doing plugging it in because the power cord can plug in either way in the port.

Now that you’ve got everything plugged into, it’s time to secure it into the bay for use. There will be screws available for screwing the drive into the bay that you selected. You should be checking the front of the computer to make sure that the front of the optical drive is lining up. Once this has been completed, reattach the computer door with the screws because all of the physical work is done.

Next, you’ll want to power your computer on to make sure that it recognizes it. In the case that it doesn’t, you don’t necessarily need to panic. Simply shut the computer down and make sure that all connections have been properly made. Usually the computer not detecting the drive has something to do with a minor problem with a cable being loose, so don’t neglect to check your connections. On the other hand, if you still have problem. Make sure to use any CDs that may have come with optical drive or search online for advice on the particular model.

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