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Cheap Phone Accessories - What Are Some of the Cheapest Phone Accessories

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For some people, just owning a cell phone is not enough. They need to spruce up their cell phones with as many phone accessories as they can. For many people, just owning a cell phone with the basic accessories is much too boring for them. They want to fix their phones up with the latest gadgets that are offered on the market. In today’s economy climate it is becoming much harder to splurge on extra items for cell phones, when people are having a hard enough time just paying their monthly cell phone bills. Cell phone providers have taken the economy into consideration and have been slashing most of their prices by almost half the price. Depending on the type of cell phone, most people can find accessories for less than $15.

Most cell phones just come with the phone itself. People will have to buy separate accessories, such as pouches to carry their phones in, or phone clips to clip their phones to their belts. These type of accessories are only the tip of the iceberg. Depending on the type of phone, and the cell phone company a person purchases from, they will find some accessories that are similar to most other cell phones, and other accessories that are only particular to their type of phone. For the Motorola Droid phones, people will find bargains on hands free blue tooth kits, batteries, holsters, chargers, face plates, data cable, cases, pouches, and invisible film protectors mostly all for under $20. Each accessory will have five to ten different shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from.

Now many cell phone providers are coming out with new accessories, such as car window mounts for cell phones, dual cigarette lighter adapters, and universal pouches with the Atlanta Braves insignia on the front. All of these can be bought for $13 or less. Samsung is offering silicone skin cases for the Samsung Moment phones that will keep it protected from damage if the phone falls on a hard surface. It also protects the phone from dust and dirt, and it is being offered at a low price of $4. For people who like to hunt, HTC T-Mobile G1 is offering a camouflage deer hunter design carrying pouch for $11. Apple I-phones are offering antennas for any type of Apple I-phone for $8. There are some cell phone companies who are selling their memory cards at a clearance price of .59 cents. The regular prices of some memory cards are $2. Other memory cards that are normally $13 are being offered at a clearance price of .99 cents.

With these types of savings, people can still enjoy buying up-to-date accessories for their cell phones without it affecting their budgets. Some universal belt clips that can work on any type of cell phone are being offered for the low price of $2.99. The newer I-phones from Apple are coming out with creative custom design horizontal pouches with designs of Betty Boop, Playboy, and Marilyn Monroe for less than $10. The prices on most cell phone accessories that normally range in the amounts of $50, $30, and $15 are now being slashed down to under $10. Some have even been slashed down to $6 for a product that was normally $50. The rubberized crystal case and screen protector for Apple I-Phone 4 was normally priced at $15, but is now being sold for $7. They are slashing their prices to half off of all of their products. This is the time to start buying all of the phone accessories a person can get. At these cheap prices, they are a steal that should be taken advantage of before the prices go back up. As long as the economy continues to stay in a slump, cell phone accessories will go for much cheaper prices, but once the economy balances back out, the prices for cell phone accessories may go back to their peak price.

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