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Coby Dvd Players - How to Search for Coby DVD Players

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There are many websites that offer Coby DVD Players. Two in particular provide the best deal and information about the product: 1) COBY Home Entertainment and 2) Walmart. The COBY Home Entertainment website provides the best product information. The Walmart website provides the best information with regard to prices.

The begin your search of the Coby DVD Players, type in any one of the following URLs:

COBY Home Entertainment
On the COBY website, there are five information tabs:

MP3 & Portable
Home Entertainment
Digital Home

Click on in any one of the tabs to locate more information about the product. The company offers approximately seven different types of Coby DVD Players. The sizes of the Coby DVD players range from seven to ten inches and all of the seven Coby DVD Players offer the following standard features:

Anti-Skip Circuitry
Dolby Digital Decoder
Audio/Video input jack for video games, VCRs, or other AV sources
Headphone Jacks for private listening
Car kit
DVD, DVD +/- R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, JPEG, and MP3 compatibility

Of the seven, only four products offer one special feature: the swivel screen. The following Coby DVD Players offer this feature, which is useful to the average consumer who has had problems with the laptop screen folding back too far.

TFDVD1029: 10.2" Portable DVD/CD/MP3 Player
TFDVD7309: 7" Portable DVD/CD/MP3 Player
TFDVD7379: 7" Portable DVD/CD/MP3 Player with DivX Playback
TFDVD8509: 8.5" Portable DVD/CD/MP3 Player

The third item on the list has an additional feature: DivX. DivX is a product manufactured by a company that bears its namesake. DivX, Inc. is a digital media company that provides consumers with a high-quality video experience. It creates, distributes, and licenses digital video technologies to consumer electronics manufacturers. For more information about the DivX product features and information about the company, visit the corporate website address below this article.

To get a view of one of the products, click on any of the the Coby DVD Players. For example, the item with the playback option provides a remote control and has a battery life of 2.5 hours.

Once you have finished evaluating the Coby DVD Players on the corporate website, type in the URL for Walmart. Walmart offers three Coby DVD Players, all the same size in dimensions. The prices for the Coby DVD Players range from $107.99 to $186.99. The product is currently not sold in-store. Consumers who want to purchase the Coby DVD Players must purchase the product on the Walmart website. Click on any one of the products. This search will take you to a product features screen. The screen offers the following information:

Product Description
Manufacturer’s Warranty
Product Reviews
Financing Offers

Once you have finished reading the above information, and if you still have questions about the product, click on the link to ask a question. Keep in mind that for each question that a consumer has asked about a Coby DVD Player product, Walmart uses a disclaimer to answer the question: “Walmart does not sponsor, recommend or endorse any third party product or service, or any customer ideas or advice.” Therefore, to get more information concerning the product’s reviews, refer to the corporate website. On the Walmart site, click on the product tabs to locate product reviews. For additional information about the product, refer to the “Product Details” section.

To order the Coby DVD Players from Walmart, the website offers the following three delivery options:

Site to Store: This option provides free shipping to the nearest store and delivery within seven to 10 days.
Site to Store Express: This option provides free shipping to the nearest store within three to five days.
Ship to Home: This option provides shipping to the consumer’s home. To calculate an arrival time, click on the link beneath the option.

Once you have decided on the product and a delivery option, click the “Add to Cart” button and proceed to checkout. You have at least two checkout payment options: 1) personal credit card or 2) Paypal Checkout. In order to complete your order, you will have to register for a member account on the Walmart website. From there, follow the directions and proceed with purchasing your Coby DVD Player.

Helpful Websites
Below are some helpful websites. You may also purchase this product at other leading retailers. Their websites are also below.

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