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Color Printer Toner - How To Reduce The Cost Of Color Printer Toner In An Office

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Color printer toner is a necessary supply for offices all over the country. Unfortunately, it’s also expensive. In fact, a printer’s color toner is probably the most expensive part of the device, as printer companies are regularly designed to make all of their money through color printer toner and ink sales—not by selling the actual printer itself. When the time comes to cut down on an office’s expenses, color toner and ink are a logical first place to look.

There are a few keys ways to reduce the cost of color printer toner in your office. The first is to address the printing habits of all of the employees that use the printer in question. Many offices restrict color printer usage to certain computers, but the more employees that are using the color printer, the more that will be using the color printer toner, so make sure that you address all of the color printer’s regular users.

Every person in the office should change their printing habits to avoid wasting ink and paper. There are several simple ways to do this. Every person’s computer should be changed to print on “draft” settings as a default. Draft settings are low quality, but will sufficiently handle black and white print jobs and will use far less black and white printer toner than other settings. Printers should also be set to print on black and white as a default, as this will save color printer toner from unnecessary drains. Make sure that every member of your office is aware of what they’ll need to do to print in color for when it’s necessary.

Tell everyone in the office to copy text to WordPad or a similar program and use their Print Preview option to cut down on the number of pages they print and the amount of color printer toner that they use. In any office, you’ll have a few people that won’t actually cut their printer usage at all, but if the majority of the people in an office change their habits even slightly, you’ll end up with much less of a drain on your color printer toner as a result.

Once you’ve addressed the printing habits and settings of every person in your office, you should start to look for ways to cut down on the cost of color printer ink when you buy it. One of the best ways is to buy online. Online printer ink costs much less than ink from the store. This is because stores have other products and other costs that online vendors don’t have—an office can save a tremendous amount of money by looking online and ordering in bulk.

Try to only order as many color printer ink cartridges as you’ll use in three months or so, then monitor your color printer toner usage so that you can re-order in time. By buying in bulk, you’ll greatly reduce the cost of shipping, and you’ll save quite a bit of money on cheap color toner and ink. However, you’ll want to be careful to avoid buying too much ink or toner. There’s an expiration date on most color toner packages, and if you use toner that’s expired, you’ll risk clogged print heads and other issues that could compromise the quality of your prints. You’ll end up wasting money and color printer ink, which defeats the purpose of buying online in the first place.

Look around to try to find the best deal possible on your color printer toner. You may have to visit several specialty websites, but as the cost of color toner is so high, it’s worth your time to shop around. Every few months, you should check again to make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible. Ink prices can change, and if the cost of office printer toner suddenly drops you’ll want to be aware of it.

By altering your printing habits and finding a good website to work with, you’ll drop the cost of your office’s color printer toner quite a bit. Keep track of your ink usage and think of other ways to reduce usage and cost. Printer ink is expensive, but any office can find ways to pay less.

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