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Burn Fat Feed Muscle - Review of Burn Fat, Feed Muscle

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Tom Venuto is the author of the book “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”, and he is a bodybuilder who claims to have never used steroids or performance enhancing drugs during his entire bodybuilding career. Tom holds degrees in physical exercise science and holds various certifications that qualify him as a strength and conditioning specialist and private trainer. He has competed in bodybuilding competitions close to 30 times and possesses impressive six pack abs muscles. A quick search on Google and you should be able to find many pictures of Tom at under 4% body fat. These real world credentials, along with the experience that Mr. Venuto has in sports and fitness are large reasons behind the success of his internet phenomenon.

Tom mentions that he has never been obese but he does admit that he struggled with being able to reveal the definition in his abs, which caused him frustration for many years. Following many years of hard work he achieved six pack abs by sticking to a strategic fat burning plan. Quite a few folks were inspired by Tom’s story, primarily because they believed in the sound nutritional plan that Tom was able to communicate through his writings.

Now that you have gone through the authors history, we will take a look at some of the topics which are covered in the ebook. Like most ebooks, Burn Fat, Feed Muscle is published in Adobe PDF format which makes it easy for anybody to download the guide. It contains upwards of 300 pages and is packed with valuable health and weight loss information. Unfortunately, it is not a read for the faint of heart. If you are a thorough and detailed individual that he is interested in taking a deeper look into what goes into your body and how it affects your health, then this book will suit your needs.

What Tom Venuto has produced here is an in depth study of over 20 years of athletes, bodybuilders and fitness experts. Do you want to be someone who knows exactly how different foods affect you and why? If so, this book will describe exactly the strategies, tips and tactics adopted by successful bodybuilders and fitness experts worldwide.

Tom points out inside the introduction, that while this book was written by a bodybuilder, it is not just for bodybuilders. The strategies which are laid out form a sound nutritional philosophy that can work wonders for anybody and everybody. There are sections for beginners all the way up to advanced athletes. The baseline diet is an ideal system that is adequate for people who want to get rid of their extra fatty tissue. For those that want to move onto fitness competitions, there is a section which covers that as well.

This self-help book mainly focuses on nutrition as it is arguably the most significant criteria for obtaining and maintaining lean muscle mass. You can have the best training program available, but if your consumption of calories far outweighs the calories that you expend, then you are going to gain unwanted fat weight, regardless of the training program.

Going through some of the nutrition chapters, you will find different ways of preparing meals via Tom’s template system. Here, you will be able to opt for foods which you like to eat and simply plug them into the template. Your menus will get made virtually by themselves. This book is proven over time that there is a way to go about maintaining a nutritional strategy and fitness training program for your body. By maintaining a disciplined but flexible lifestyle, you can be well on your way to achieving the body of your dreams.

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