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Denver Bed And Breakfast - What to Look for in a Denver Bed and Breakfast Inn

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A visit to Colorado can be enhanced with a stay at a Denver bed and breakfast inn. There are several bed and breakfast inns to choose from in Denver, and though they are similar in many ways; each has its own charm and appeal. The majority of the B&B inns in Denver are located near the downtown area in historic neighborhoods. They are beautiful Victorian houses built in the late 1800’s and renovated to accommodate guests. Many of the homes are furnished with antiques of the 1800’s; yet offer the convenience of modern technologies. Hosts are friendly and welcoming; they enjoy sharing the history of their homes and the Denver area.

One thing to consider when looking for a bed and breakfast is the number of rooms available. The B&B’s in Denver, like most around the world, have a minimal number of rooms, ranging from two to fifteen. The majority has one or two suites in addition to rooms; most of them have private bathrooms for each accommodation. The rooms are usually equipped with alarm clocks, radios, hair dryers, ceiling fans, air conditioning, and telephones. Many include bath robes, gas fireplaces and satellite or cable television. Some B&B’s have private entrances to some or all of the rooms. A few offer fully operating kitchenettes.

While some business people prefer hotels; others prefer a more intimate “home” environment. One of the amenities to look for in a B&B is internet connection capability. Some offer wireless service in each room; others offer this only upon request. If meetings are to be planned; some B&B’s have large parlors or a meeting room that can be reserved.

Another consideration when looking for a B&B inn in Denver is whether or not children and/or pets are allowed. It is rare for B&B’s to allow pets; however, there is at least one in Denver that does allow pets and a few others that will consider small pets such as a small dog. Most of the B&B’s allow children; however, few provide childcare. When searching for the perfect B&B in Denver, if this is a necessity, visitors will want to ensure it is a provided service.

Something that is often overlooked when searching for a Denver bed and breakfast inn is parking availability. Because many of the bed and breakfast inns are located on narrow streets; parking is often limited. If traveling to Denver in personal vehicles; travelers should ensure there is free parking available at the bed and breakfast.

Bed and Breakfast inns provide breakfast for their guests. Economy B&B’s are more likely to serve continental breakfasts, but, others serve breakfast foods that range from gourmet recipes to traditional bacon and eggs. It is not uncommon for the inns to be known for a particular recipe. A selection of B&B’s prepares individual breakfasts for their guests, while others serve a buffet style. Usually the breakfast is served during a two hour window in the mornings. The meals are served at small private tables or family style at large tables. Lunches and dinners are not provided at bed and breakfast inns, but, some provide these meals upon request for an extra fee. Some inns serve an afternoon tea or coffee at no extra charge; while others serve wine and cheeses in the early evenings. The majority of Denver bed and breakfast inns do not have licenses to serve liquor, but many allow guests to bring alcoholic beverages for their own consumption. Special foods are usually provided upon request; most commonly low-fat or vegetarian meals.

Because most of the B&B’s in Denver are located near the downtown area; they are close to the various entertainment venues that Denver offers. A short drive or cab ride puts the visitor at the Museum of Natural History, the Denver Zoo, or the Capital building. Nightlife and fine dining is easily accessible as is local professional sports arenas; in less than an hour’s drive, visitors can enjoy hiking and rock climbing.

Travelers looking for a more “home” type environment, more intimate that a hotel can provide, should consider staying at a Denver bed and breakfast. They offer most of the same amenities that a hotel offers; yet provide individualized services and an ambience that can’t be compared. Travelers need to look for the specific amenities each B&B offers and determine which lovely home is the best fit for their visit to Denver.

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