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Baseboard Electric Heater - The Compact Design of the Baseboard Electric Heater

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There are some new designs in products used for the home. You will find new styles for traditional portable heaters including the baseboard electric heater. The basic design has this item created to be similar in height to a standard baseboard. This makes it easier to place the heater in a room and have it blend in with the surrounding elements. The basic unit is available in various styles designed to be used in residential homes, businesses or even industries. Each model will have a different BTU output, which may affect an energy or utility bill differently.

A basic residential model can run with a BTU output of 1275 per hour and may be made as an electric convection unit. This basic model will use a standard 120 volts for electricity. There are some variations that use 208, 240 or 277 volts. Most residential models are about six inches in height and around two and a half inches in depth. How long the unit is depends on the particular model you choose. The length can range from a standard twenty-four inches to one hundred and twenty inches. These items are usually constructed of metals that are either aluminum and stainless steel.

The most common colors available for the residential heaters placed along a baseboard are white and ivory. These neutral colors allow the item to be matched with a variety of room decors so they don’t stand out as awkward pieces. The different material used in constructing the electric baseboard heater can also affect the heat producing ability of the unit. The aluminum models are created to heat up and cool down in a quick fashion. Because steel is thicker or denser than aluminum these units take a little longer to heat or cool down.

In a residential setting the baseboard heater can be used in most rooms of the house including the bathroom. This small heater is an inexpensive way to create more heat for an area that doesn’t receive an adequate amount through the traditional furnace. Some styles of the portable baseboard heater will come in taller designs not in line with the height of a baseboard. These portable heaters are designed to provide more heat from a smaller unit. A model measuring thirty inches in length can have an output of 5118 BTUs per hour. This small machine will have the air vents placed on the top section of the heater rather than on the side. It may also include a tip over switch to automatically shut off if the unit should happen to fall over.

In the category of heaters designed to be placed along a baseboard there are some larger commercial products that are available in colors of black or gray. These products are designed to fit in with the interior design of an office setting. There are also some units created as architectural heaters that can be used in high altitude areas. All of the heater products will include protective wire guards or metal shields that enclose the interior heating elements.

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