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Cellex C Serum - Cellex C Serum Patent Claims: Does it Really Work?

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This high potency serum for sensitive skin, Cellex C Serum of which many versions exist, promises to restore and rejuvenate the skin using its patented ingredients. The inventors of the serum, Michael R. Schinitsky and Lorraine F. Meisner, both from Madison Wisconsin, filed for the patent in November 14 1988 under the assignee name Milor Scientific, Ltd, also from Madison Wisconsin. The paperwork filed with the patent includes the claims that the serum can reduce a patient’s wrinkle depth by a factor of 20 percent in skin. Howver, this formulation only works in skin of which “intrinsic aging” and “photo-induced aging” (sun-damaged skin), caused the wrinkles. The Cellex C Serum patent also states that users should apply the serum topically once or twice a day for the best results.

Patented Ingredients & Studies
The Cellex C Serum ingredients used in a preliminary study through which the patent is based on included Mineral Oil, Sesame Oil, Arlacel 65, Atmul 84, Lanolin, Stearic Acid, Propyl Paraben, H.sub.2 O, Methyl Paraben, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Tyrosine, Ascorbic Acid, Zinc Sulfate and Chamomile. These ingredients, according to the patent’s paperwork, are mixed into a cream, gel, or an ointment so that the skin can absorb them more readily. This clinical study, according to the USPTO, states that all participants enjoyed an improvement in the look of wrinkles. While one participant did not complete the study because she suffered from excessive irritation, that participant was later given the same Cellex C Serum in a second study, but in a formulation containing less Zinc and saw improvements in her skin as well.

Another double-blind clinical study, this one conducted by Dr. Traikovich in 1998 and published in a medical review journal cited positive results of the formulation using topographical analysis. The patients included within the study received two formulations applied at the same time to the face. Cellex C Serum was applied to one side and an identical placebo applied to the other for three months. The included cosmetologist and doctor both evaluated the participants periodically and later when the doctor compiled the study results, he found that one side of the face of all participants had in fact improved significantly-the side to which the patient applied the Cellex C serum.

Other Cellex C Serum Formulations
Since 1994, when Cellex International released the first publicly offered formulation, the Toronto based manufacturer has expanded its line to include other similar formulations so that all but the most sensitive-skinned people can benefit from them. The other major creams and ointments within the Cellex C serum line include Core Formulations, Betaplex, Correctives, Enhancers and Sun Care lines. Each of these Cellex C Serum lines has a specific formulation of which includes the patented combination Cellex C ingredients. The active ingredients of Cellex C Serum are the ascorbic acid (vitamin C), tyrosine, and Zinc, all of which are known to treat sun-damaged skin and wrinkles. Combined with various other skin improving ingredients and formulations such as hydroxyl acids, botanical acids, Hydra5 B-Complex, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients, the creams are targeted to those with acne-prone skin as well.

Real-World Cellex C Reviews
According to many user reviews and clinical studies, the Cellex C Serum has many benefits of which many users pay upwards of $120 to $150 for a single ounce of the serum. Some users find that Cellex C Serum more than delivers on their promise to make skin firmer and “wrinkle free.” They cite that the serum makes their skin appear brighter, tighter and shrinks pore size while rehydrating the skin where needed. One of the biggest benefits of its Sun Care line is that it contains sunscreens and a self-tanner along with its usual Cellex C Serum, so users can reap the benefits of the serum and a tan while not suffering from even more sun damage.

One 10-year avid user of the cream stated that she saw a reduction in fine lines and even some deeper wrinkles after a few months of use; however, this result is not typical of all users and the cream is not marketed as a deep wrinkle cream. On the other hand, other users of the product claim that it does nothing, or that it is too irritating to the skin to use it for the full-recommended amount of time. In fact, the patent claims and the website itself does admit that some of its formulations are not for use on the very sensitive, so this is in fact true; however, each consumer should make their own determinations.

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