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Cheap Flights Belfast - Tips for finding cheap flights from Belfast

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Belfast is the second most populous city in Ireland after Dublin, and offers a rich history with a number of tourist attractions, employment opportunities, and sites to engage in all sorts of entertainment. With more than 268,000 people inside the city and 580,000 in total in the metropolitan area, there are a lot of people present to take in the sights and sounds of this traditional, yet modern Irish city. There are a number of ways to reach Belfast, but the most popular ways of entering the city from out of the country are by air and by sea. There are two airports in or around the city: the Belfast International Airport, located 15 miles to the north and west of the city, and the George Best Belfast City Airport, which is significantly closer to the center of the city. Thousands of people travel out of Belfast to places all over the world every year through these airports, and most of those people are interested in getting the most travel opportunities for their money. Contrary to popular opinion, cheap flights Belfast are not only achievable, they are easier to find than you think, provided you have some inside knowledge. This guide will provide information on how you can increase your chances of finding cheap flights from Belfast, so you can leave the city without leaving your life savings at the airport.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when you are in the market for cheap flights from Belfast is that the airport you choose to fly out from will play a major role in the amount of money you have to spend. As described above, Belfast has two major airports for air transportation in and out of the city: the George Best Belfast City Airport and the Belfast International Airport. If you want to save money when flying out of Belfast, you will need to pick the right airport to leave from. The George Best Belfast City Airport is just as good as the Belfast International Airport if your goal is to find a domestic flight out of Belfast, such as when you want to travel to London or Scotland or somewhere in the United Kingdom. In such cases, you have a rather good chance of finding a good ticket deal from either airline. However, when it comes to cheap flights Belfast to Europe, the Belfast International Airport has a clear advantage over the George Best Belfast City Airport, as it offers a much wider selection of European flights. Additionally, the Belfast International Airport, as implied by its name, offers a fair number of flights across the Atlantic ocean, which is not really an option with the George Best Belfast City Airport.

Another important thing to keep in mind when you are in the market for cheap flights from Belfast is that the kind of flight you choose will have a significant impact on the amount of money that leaves your pocket. Of course, most people are aware that if they choose to fly first class, they will spend considerably more money on a plane ticket out of Belfast, or anywhere, for that matter, than if they choose to fly business class. Similarly, buying a business class ticket out of Belfast will cost more money than buying a coach or economy class ticket out of the city. This is a rather basic tip that most people who have flown before are aware of. However, another tip that many people tend not to think of is that whether you select a direct flight or a flight with connections can play almost as large of a role in determining the price you pay as the kind of seating you select on the plane. A direct flight from Belfast will almost always cost more than a connecting flight from Belfast because direct flights are a convenience to travelers, and the airlines have been in business long enough to recognize this and apply it to their profit margins. As a general rule, the more connecting flights you are willing to put up with, the more likely you will be to find cheap flights Belfast when searching for plane tickets online.

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