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China Vacation Packages - Different Types of China Vacation Packages

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For many visitors, a vacation in China can be the trip of a lifetime, but traveling to this region of Asia can be expensive if you decide to pay for all of your travel arrangements individually. Purchasing all-inclusive China vacation packages is an excellent way to simplify your travel plans while saving a considerable amount of money on your hotel accommodations and airfare. These days, there are China vacation packages available to travelers from every corner of the world that are designed to meet the interests and expectations of every type of traveler. Here is an inside look at how the different types of China vacation packages that are available.

Depending on what you want to see and do during your trip to China, you might want to consider making reservations at a travel agency for China vacation packages that are focused one or two aspects of life and culture in China. Individuals who have a particularly strong interest in nightlife and city sights will find that are several different types of China vacation packages that are designed to accommodate travelers and all of the major cities of the country through a two week tour. These packages include land and air travel from one city to the next, luxury accommodations at downtown hotels and meals at exclusive restaurants.

Other China vacation packages are devoted to meeting the unique needs and interests of families that are visiting China for the first time. These types of packages are designed to help families visit various destinations in China during one trip with accommodations that are appropriate for travelers of all ages. Some of the sights and activities included in China vacation packages for families include rickshaw rides through the streets of Beijing, family-friendly restaurants featuring authentic local cuisine and tours of ancient monasteries.

There are also China vacation packages that are focused on the culture and history of China. The in-depth tours of the country are packed with destinations that are designed to provide visitors with the broadest view possible of the how China became the diverse country that it is. From traditional tours of classic Chinese tourist destinations like the Great Wall to intimate boat rides past the rice paddies that line Li river, these types of China vacation packages are some of the best all-inclusive trips to China that are available. Due to the amount of detailed information that is presented in these tours, these types of China vacation packages are generally recommended to repeat visitors.

For visitors who are particularly interested in the sights and culture of Tibet, there are China vacation package that present travelers with an incredible amount of access to this once closed city. Some of the destinations available on these types of China vacation packages include the base camp of the trail leading to the peak of Mt. Everest, the historic Drak Yerpa caves and Buddhist monasteries. These packages are planned on organized by experts on the travel industry and Tibetan culture, and all tours are led by local Tibetan citizens who have been guiding foreign tourists for generations.

Other China vacation packages include long guided excursions throughout China along the Silk Road. These trips include a health mix of urban and rural destinations and are led by a single professional tour guide who accompanies you throughout the majority of your journey. After a few days spent exploring the sights that Beijing, travelers will make their way by land, air and sea through Urumqi, Dunhuang, Guilin and Shanghai. The itineraries on these all-inclusive vacations are usually pretty open ended, and visitors can work with travel agencies and their tour guides to ensure that they get to see and do everything that they are interest in throughout their journey.

Many China vacation packages include an experienced tour guide that will help you find all of the different hidden gems at your destinations in China. These tour guides are fluent in English and specialize in explaining the various customs and details of life in China to first time visitors. Choosing China vacation packages that have experienced tour guides is particularly helpful if you are unfamiliar with the basic customs and laws that govern life in China or do not speak Chinese.

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