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Big And Tall Pants - Advice For Buying Big And Tall Pants For Men

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Anyone who is a bit taller or heavier than the average male will undoubtably have trouble finding clothing that fits right off the rack in most stores. Even people who are considered average size often have trouble finding clothes that fit just right. That is because clothing designers and manufactures use fit models to size their items. Since no two people have the exact same measurements, what looks perfect on the model may not look perfect on the average person. This is also why someone who can wear size 44 in one brand of jeans may need to go up to a size 46 and down to a 42 in different brands. When it comes to the length, there can also be differences. One label may also run longer than another label of the same size. A big man may not necessarily be a tall man and a tall man may not necessarily be a big man. Big sizes are for full-waisted or portly men of average height. They are cut fuller in the waist than average size garments. Tall sizes are for men over 6’2". Clothing for a tall man will not be as full in the body, while clothing for a big man may not be as long.

To ensure the best fit it is important to try clothing on before purchasing it. Of course, this is not possible when ordering from a catalog or online. However, that is no reason to rule out catalog or online purchasing, especially one that caters to big and tall men, but it is important to make sure that the pants fit nicely. Order one or two pair of pants from a company and see how they fit. Be sure to carefully read the size charts and proper fit measuring guidelines. If they work well, then you can order with confidence from that company again. On the other hand, if they don’t fit, send them back and don’t order from there again. Once someone finds a label or brand that fits them well and has a design style that they like, they should frequent that store or company for new items. That will take a lot of the leg work out of future purchases. It is always good to experiment and try new things, but sometimes that is just not practical due to time constraints, while other times someone may just want to get what they need without a lot of hassle.

To ensure the proper pants size the two measurements needed are the waist and inseam. That is the order they are on the label. To get the waist measurement, wrap a tape measure around the waist where the pants will sit. Use a favorite pair as a guide to see where the waist is most comfortable. Put one or two fingers between the tape measure and the waist so they are not too tight. The pants should not be so low that the stomach is hanging over them, nor should they be so high up on the waist that they create a large pouch at the stomach. To measure the length, simply run the tape measure from the floor up the inside of the leg to the crotch.

The same fit or style rules apply to all men, regardless of whether or not they are big and tall. The break of the pant bottoms should hit across the top of the shoe. Pants are too short if the sock is visible while standing. The wearer should be able to sit down without the pants being too short and there should not be a large gap in the back of the pants. Pants that are too baggy will add more weight to a frame, while pants that are too tight will accentuate every bulge. There are a few different types of legs. Straight leg pants are flattering on everyone, while flared pants will emphasize heavy thighs, and tapered legs, quite frankly, are not flattering on anyone except a super skinny person. With a little legwork and research every big and tall man will find the perfect pair of pants.

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