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Purchasing electronics is never easy, and AIT tape drives are no different than any other kind of electronics. AIT tape drives are the perfect way to back up all of your data, even though the technology has been around for many years. Companies that manufacture this type of drive keep coming up with new ways to innovate and make them even better than before. When it comes to AIT drives, there are really only two companies that manufacture high quality drives these days, and they are Sony and HP. Any of the AIT drives from either of these two companies will fulfill your storage needs easily. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of AIT tape drives from both Sony and HP..

Sony AIT Turbo Tape Drives

If one company dominates this market, it is definitely Sony. The company’s latest generation of AIT tape drives uses a new high performance WORM technology. Sony’s AIT-2 drives offer up to 80 GB of storage capacity of 208 GB of compressed storage capacity. The transfer rate of Sony’s AIT-2 drives is 12 MB per second, and the drives use AME media, which is extraordinarily relable and durable. There is also an optional memory-in cassette, which is a 64 kbit memory chip that can be built into the data cartridge. This chip speeds up the drive even more. Sony’s latest generations of AIT tape drives ranges in price from $950 to $1500, depending on how much storage space and speed you need in a drive.

HP AIT Tape Drives

Computer users who want a bit more space than what Sony offers should check out HP’s line of AIT drives. Most of HP’s AIT-3 drives hold up to 100 GB of storage space or 260 GB of compressed data. The only downside to that little bit of extra space is that consumers will pay quite a bit for it. HP’s AIT drives are often priced around $2800, although it is possible to still get the 100 GB of storage space through HP if you are willing to compromise on some of the other features like speed. Slightly slower HP drives with 100 GB of space sell for about $950, although sometimes it is possible to find them on clearance for as low as $400. Also remember to look at the warranty when purchasing an HP drive because some retailers will sell them with a lifetime warranty, so there may be a good reason for a higher price.

Other AIT tape drives

Although there are a few smaller companies that also manufacture AIT drives, users report quite a few problems with these drives. Sony and HP hold the greatest majority of the AIT market right now, and it is very easy to see why. Both companies manufacture very high quality drives with different benefits to each. Brand names like LaCIE just cannot stand up to the quality of Sony or HP in this area.

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