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Bush Office Desk - Choosing the Right Bush Office Desk

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When outfitting one’s office, choosing the right Bush office desk is a must. One will spend a lot of time in the office, writing and working and talking on the telephone, whether that office is in the home or in an office building. One will want to have the best desk possible, as it will make work more efficient, more enjoyable, and more productive. One will also want to have a desk that looks nice, that makes the entire office area seem pleasant and appealing. When spending so many hours in one place, one wants to enjoy the experience, and aesthetic qualities are a big part of that experience. Bush makes many desks with all of these qualities, so one will simply have to choose the ideal desk for their situation and budget.

One Bush office desk that is excellent as far as space is concerned is the Series C Bow Front Wood Computer Desk. This is a wide desk that wraps around to provide space on three sides of the user while one is sitting at the computer. The desk will look good in a modern office setting, as it has a tough, gray, metal base with drawers built into it and plenty of leg room. On the top, though, it is done in beautiful cherry wood that has been finished with a clear coat and practically glows under the lights. The front portion of the desk is very wide and curves out to maximize space, while the other two sides, which wrap around in the bow fashion that gives the desk its name, are more slender so as not to take up too much room, while giving space for books, papers, and anything else that one needs to have close at hand.

For a smaller, less expensive Bush office desk, one could consider the C Series 60" Wood Credenza. This desk is made of mahogany on the top, sides, and all the way through the frame, giving it a stunning look despite its size. There are no drawers or shelves, which means that there is not as much space to store things, but which also means that the desk is very light and easy to move around. The top is wide and can easily accommodate a computer monitor, keyboard, and a number of books or sheets of paper.

For a Bush office desk that is a step up, size-wise, from the last, one could look at purchasing the Somerset 71" L-Shape Wood Desk. Made from Hansen cherry, this elegant desk wraps around in an “L” shape that, while not providing the same amount of space as a bow-style desk, gives one a lot of room to set things close at hand. There is plenty of room on the main surface for a phone and a computer, with room to spare on the left-hand surface. Built in under the left-hand side are a pair of drawers that are far enough away not to be obstructed by a desk chair; there is a cabinet built in on the far right, under the main surface.

A fourth option when looking for a Bush office desk is the L-Shape Home Office Wood Computer Desk with Hutch. Made from oak and very strong, this desk gives even more space by offering a rising hutch behind the main flat surface, where a computer should sit. This means that one can store books, papers, and pens all right above the desk, leaving the flat space open. This will require more room in the home, but it looks great and will help one keep everything organized and in its place. With glass-paneled doors for the upper cabinets, the desk looks sophisticated and solid. It has two drawers and a cabinet below the desk, and plenty of leg room.

As can be seen, there is a Bush office desk for anyone. No matter what size one needs, there is a desk to fit. If one wants drawers and cabinets, Bush makes desks with those; if one wants nothing but a light-weight, functional desk, they make those as well. With brilliantly finished wood and well-designed layouts, Bush office desks are sure to make any office functional and visibly appealing.

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