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Cheap Cable Internet - How to Find Cheap Cable Internet Access

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As regional cable companies continue to lose their control of their local monopolies over high speed access to the internet, there are now more deals on cheap cable internet access than ever. Although it is not difficult to find some great deals on cheap cable internet deals, it is important to know how to shop around and haggle with customer service representatives if you want to have access to the best prices. Thankfully, most salespeople who work for cable companies know how to spot customers who are willing to accept the best deals as soon as they begin discussing their current offers. Let’s take a closer look at how to find great deals on cheap cable internet access.

In most regions of the United States, some of the best cheap cable internet deals on the market are part of larger packages that include other services that are offered by the service provider. These deals are often offered under names like the Grand Slam and a Triple Play, both of which refer to the three services that are offered in these deals: cable television, landline telephone and high speed internet access. While these services could cost nearly $200 when paid for separately, the final price on these cheap cable internet package deals comes to half of that price. Such deals are usually only available for the first year of services, but it is possible to negotiate for a longer deal if you are willing to spend some time working with a customer service representative on the phone.

One of the tricks to finding killer deals on cheap internet access is simply knowing how to haggle with cable companies for the best possible cable packages that they are currently able to offer. While cable providers always have a handful of cheap cable internet access deals that they are currently advertising to the public, the truth of the matter is that the call center representatives that are in charge of signing up new customers typically have a few better deals at their disposable. In order to encourage a cable salesperson to offer the best deals that they are able to offer, be sure to point out the lower prices that other internet access companies are currently offering and act as if you are still on the fence about choosing to pay extra money for cable internet access.

These days, there are so many free forms of internet access in some areas that many customers are choosing to make the switch to permanently closing their cable accounts. From fast food restaurants and cafes to libraries and public parks, most urban areas have an incredible diversity of free cable internet access available in the form of public WiFi hot spots. Although there are some obvious security concerns to take into consideration when you make the decision to rely on 100% on public WiFi hot spots to get online, many people who have made the switch have found that they it was relatively easy to keep their personal information secure by making a few common sense changes in how they use the internet.

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