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Cheap Car Rental Orlando - There are many cheap car rental Orlando options!

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Orlando, Florida is one of the most exciting places in the world to bring your family for your annual vacation. You are just 21 miles from Walt Disney World, Epcot Center, Universal Studios and all of the other attractions in nearby Lake Buena Vista, FL. Every child dreams of some day going to Walt Disney World. It has even been coined as one of the most popular one-liners in the country, “I’m going to Disney World!”. However, as the kids have the time of their lives riding roller coaster, swimming with dolphins, and meeting Mickey Mouse, the parents are just watching their hard earned money dwindle away day after day. While it costs over $80 a person every day just to enter the parks, a Disney World Vacation is one of the most expensive vacations in the country.

In a down economy many wallets are thin and budgets are tight. It is common for Americans to watch their spending and cut out unnecessary leisure activities as well as the non-essentials. While attendance at Disney World in Orlando is still high, it is common to see many families making cutbacks while on their stay. One easy way for a family to save a couple hundred dollars is by taking advantage of the cheap car rental Orlando has to offer. It is not well known that there are cheap car rental Orlando options, but by sniffing out these options a family can save over $25 a day on car rental costs while staying in Orlando or Lake Buena Vista on their Disney World vacation!

Other than just finding the cheaper car rental options, there are more ways to save money on your car rental when in the Orlando area. Although it may be a tight squeeze, you can downgrade from the Sport Utility Vehicle or Mini Van and rent either a standard size car or even an economy car for the week. The family only needs to last for 21 miles, so it should not be too much to ask! The cheap car rental Orlando options work right out of the Orlando airport, perfect for your vacation to Disney World, or if you are just on business in Orlando, FL.

With the extra cash tourists do not have to worry so much about the Disney World vacation. The money saved will pay for two or three nights dinners or even a couple nights in the hotel. In this economy it is important to take advantage of these cheap rental options when they present themselves, it will be much easier on the budget upon the arrival back home after the vacation.

For business people visiting the Orlando area, the cheap car rental Orlando companies will help your expense account be a little bit lighter. In down economies many employers don’t like to see big name car rental agencies when there are cheaper alternatives, so this may score you a few brownie points with the accounting department!

Whatever the reason for the visit to Orlando, FL there are cheap car rental options. This is a great way to cut back on unnecessary spending and to be responsible with the finances while on vacation or a business trip! Have fun on your vacation!

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