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Old movies are more popular than ever now that DVDs are available to support large personal collections in a long-lasting format. Collectors have several ways in which to engage their hobby and their personal libraries of old movies on DVD.

Classic movies remain popular among some circles for two or three generations after falling out of the mainstream eye. After this, many people are content with watching whatever old movies are on television channels such as American Movie Classics (AMC). For some people, however, this is not enough to appease their appetite for and love of film.

Purchasing old movies on DVD does not have to be expensive. Among the places where the DVDs can be bought are some that are very low cost. This can help a collection grow very fast in a short amount of time.

Here are the places where you can buy old movies on DVD:

Regular Retail Stores – This is the most expensive place to buy old DVD movies. Depending on the popularity of the movie, DVD stores and department stores sell them for varying amounts, up to the price of a new movie. More often than not, old DVD movies can be found in the bargain bin for around $5. Walmart and Kmart are great sources for finding a lot of old movies for very little money.

Movie Rental Stores – Believe it or not, there are still a few brick and mortar movie rental stores around. These stores have limited shelf space, so as new movies come in, they sell off older ones at discounted prices. Rental stores can be a real goldmine when looking for otherwise hard-to-find DVDs. Some managers of these stores are willing to cut a deal for even further discounts if you want to buy in bulk. The quicker the movies are out of the store, the better it is for them.

Thrift Shops – This is the last bastion of finding old DVD movies at a retail store. Thrift shops such as Goodwill and Salvation Army usually have several movies for sale. At the moment, these movies mostly consist of VHS-format tapes, but this will change soon as the popularity of Blu-Ray grows.

Garage Sales – Garage sales are a great place to find all sorts of collectible merchandise. You never know what you will find at a garage sale. DVDs at garage sales are very inexpensive and the sellers tend to be easy to work with.

Flea Market/Rummage Sales – This source for old movie DVDs is similar to the garage sale, but prices are a little higher due to the sellers having to pay a lot fee. The upside here, however, is that flea markets attract people with quantities of movies for sale, so selection is wide and varied. The downside is that flea market vendors can be very savvy negotiators, so price haggling is more difficult.

Online Stores – Online vendors of old movies on DVD are not as prevalent as they once were. Many of the smaller stores have been forced out of business by the likes of Amazon. Others have not gone out of business, but have simply joined Amazon by selling through their website instead of an independent website. Haggling is next to impossible at online stores.

Auctions – Auctions are always a great source of classic movie DVDs. Today, auctions can be live or online. Both sources sometimes offer bulk lots of various DVDs for sale. Price, of course, depends on who else is looking for DVDs at the same time as you. At some auctions you can get lucky, but at others, someone else wants them just a little more than you do.

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almost 3 years ago

this is informative for me were can i buy or information about dvd blu-ray can buy. i will buy my favorite movies of all time

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