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Bosch Canister Vacuum - Choose the Bosch Canister Vacuum Cleaner Over All the Others

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Bulky vacuum cleaners make household chores more tiring and strenuous, but the Bosch canister vacuum was designed for maximum power in a tiny package. Many homemakers use an upright model to maintain most of the carpet and a separate canister vacuum for the upholstery, stairs, and baseboards. Bosch has produced a canister line famous for unique construction, usable features, and distinction from its peers in the marketplace that would replace both models in most homes.

Bosch vacuums, built in Germany, are designed to produce more suction power with a compact and powerful motor than the largest upright. Some owners have compared the sound from a Bosch to the sound of a microwave. The whisper quiet gives the impression that there is very little suction, but do not reach a hand out to test that assumption. Most other canister models are frustrating to maneuver, but the four wheels on the bottom of these canisters swivel 360 degrees for maximum maneuverability. For the two-level home, a strong carrying handle over the center of gravity makes this gem easy to use on the stairs and carry to another living level.

Design features include a step-on power switch that hesitates for just a second or two for the user who steps just a little too hard on the mechanism. That delay allows the machine to reset the switch without damaging the motor. After extensive use, the dust bag can be changed in a simple one-step process that allows for maximum access to replace the bag. Large capacity bags require fewer changes and prevent excess back pressure on the motor. Most models have an adjustable suction level for different fabrics and applications. Higher settings are available for the removal of stubborn pet hair from upholstered furniture, but lower settings can be used for draperies and shades to prevent damage while removing dust. Attachments for upholstery and bare floors are available to make the Bosch canister vacuum versatile enough that owning another vacuum cleaner is not necessary.

The Bosch Company builds its vacuum cleaners to last an entire lifetime. This business goal makes Bosch distinctive among all vacuum brands. Other companies may claim to build long-lasting machines, but only Bosch sets out to ensure that an owner will never have to replace a machine because of parts wear or defective design. While the Bosch brand is more expensive than its peers, the longevity of use returns the initial investment. To answer many shortcomings designed into other brands, every feature of these vacuum cleaners is exaggerated to make them more functional and easier to use. The extra long power cord allows for easy reach across large rooms while the long suction hose reduces the number of times the canister must be moved while cleaning a large piece of furniture or a set of stairs.

Before purchasing two models of vacuum cleaners to meet the cleaning challenges at home or in the office, look closely at Bosch canister vacuum cleaners. Their sturdy construction could even withstand the strain of cleaning an office or large building with various floor surfaces. For a cleaning service, these vacuums could last throughout the life of the business while being lightweight enough to clean the hard to reach shades and light fixtures that pose a safety hazard to employees. Ask other Bosch owners if they would ever buy another brand and then make the best decision for your home or business.

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