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Duluth Georgia Hotels - Escape the Big City with Duluth Georgia Hotels

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Whether it’s a business trip to the Atlanta area or seeking a ‘time out’ from the hustle and bustle of the big city, planning your escape to one of Duluth Georgia’s hotels is a relaxing way to see the softer side of the south. A Duluth hotel is also an perfect location for all of the Atlanta area vacation attractions. Excellent accommodations, easy access to local attractions, and real southern hospitality align like the stars to charm and delight any visitor.

Duluth Georgia is about 25 miles up I-85 from Atlanta and the local hotels reflect a gentler approach to life while retaining all the modern conveniences necessary to survive and thrive in the 21st century. Several hotels in Duluth Georgia are situated near the Gwinnett Place Mall, with its 123 stores ready to explore for that ‘must have item’ and 20 restaurants to tantalize the discriminating palette.

The array of hotels in Duluth Georgia include several representatives of national companies spiced with a southern accent that have achieved a AAA rating of three or more diamonds. Compared to staying in downtown Atlanta, prices for hotels in Duluth are a bargain while providing all the amenities we have come to expect. Accommodations for a night’s stay at one of these hotels will range from the low $70’s to around $125 per night.

Since most of the hotels in Duluth are located adjacent to or very near I-85, commuting into Atlanta or to any of the other attractions won’t be an arduous affair. Downtown is 27 miles, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is about 30 miles and Stone Mountain is less than 20 miles from Duluth. Another advantage of staying at a hotel in Duluth is the proximity to a leisurely drive out in the country through the Georgia Pines.

With businesses trying to avoid the ever worsening commute into Atlanta, some have opted to locate outside the beltway. For the business traveler, staying at one of the hotels in Duluth Georgia provides convenient access to several national and regional companies located on the I-85 corridor outside the beltway.

For the golf enthusiast, TPC Sugarloaf located in Duluth, Georgia can provide more than enough challenge for all skill levels and is only a few minutes from any of the Duluth hotels. In fact, there are several excellent courses within a short driving distance and many of the hotels will be happy to assist in arranging tee times.

Business and pleasure are both great reasons to visit Duluth Georgia. With the variety of hotels to choose from that can match the budget and the level of pampering we desire, it is definitely a destination we can anticipate for fun and excitement.

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