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12 Cup Coffee Makers - Choose the Perfect 12 Cup Coffee Maker

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Coffee drinkers are wonderful people after their 12 cup coffee maker has brewed that first pot and provided the first cup of the day. Until these two events have taken place, wise people speak softly and keep the pathway between the kitchen door and the appliance free of obstruction. If the coffee maker ceases to work, the plan for the day is cancelled until a shopping trip is launched to find the replacement, which will closely resemble the deceased. In the car, a list of required features and optional features is constructed, including: timer, grind and brew options, filter shape, carafe design, and the possible combination appliance.

Models, for the person on a definite waking schedule, have a timer that will start the coffee at the same time every morning. Someone simply has fill the reservoir and put a filter and coffee grounds in the night before. Since the timer has to be turned on and does not default to “on,” there is no risk of damage to the coffee maker if everyone forgets the night before set up routine. An automatic turn-off timer is available for the forgetful person who walks away without turning the burner off after the coffee carafe has been emptied of the last pot.

Fresh ground coffee tastes better and the convenience of grinding and brewing the coffee with the push of one button started a revolution in the design of 12 cup coffee makers. The grocery list was changed to reflect “whole bean” coffee and order was restored to the morning routine. A wider variety of coffee roasts and flavors were left in the whole bean to accommodate the tastes of the grind and brew connoisseur. Clean up is a little more challenging with the grinder attached to the filter casing, but a quick rinse under the faucet followed by a trip through the dishwasher restores everything to like-new condition. Early morning waking of guests can be a minor problem since the grinder is not the quietest model on the market today.

Debates arise periodically, between the most experience coffee drinkers, over the filter shape that produces the best-tasting coffee. Cone-shaped filters hold the coffee in a deeper pile so that the water is slowed down by the grounds and is given more time to draw out every ounce of coffee flavor. Filters with a flat, round bottom are preferred by people who like a weaker brew but use more grounds to achieve that fresh flavor. Most commercial coffee pots that fill 12 cup carafes in rapid succession use the flat filters, but also use much more coffee to produce one pot than the home models.

For years, the only carafe design option for a 12 cup coffee maker was a clear glass carafe that was easy to break but difficult to replace without having to order a replacement from the manufacturer. Once enough people started to use similar models, replacements became prevalent, and the glass was made more durable to withstand a few minor bumps. The next step forward was the thermal carafe that sits on the burner of the coffee maker or can be removed to the table while keeping the coffee hot. Some models brew the coffee into a reservoir that sits above a dispenser with a lever at the back that can be pressed with a mug to dispense each cup of coffee without having to lift a pot from a burner.

Counter space is always at a premium in the kitchen so some coffee maker designers combined the 12 cup coffee maker with a cappuccino machine to accommodate all the coffee addicts in the same household. The only drawback to any combination appliance is that one usually ceases to operate before the other.

Regardless of models or features, the coffee maker is always going to be the best gift money can buy. Challenges still remain to make the perfect cup of coffee every time, and the only sure way to accomplish that is to use filtered water, the freshest ground coffee, and clean the coffee maker at least monthly. Check the instructions and then place the filter housing and the carafe on the top rack of the dishwasher whenever possible. Coffee taste changes when coffee residue is built up in the maker. Routine cleaning and the best ingredients will always keep that morning coffee drinker in your life happy.

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