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In addition to its many thousands of year round residents, Boulder, Colorado attracts many unique visitors each year. Boulder City hotels are famous for their elaborate designs and luxurious accommodations, which is one of the premier attractions of tourists during the summer and winter. Some of the most raved about hotels in Boulder City include the Hotel Boulderado, Boulder City Marriott, the Millennium Harvest Hotel, and the Boulder University Inn. Hotel Boulderado was built by the Boulder Hotel Company starting in 1906, and was finished by 1908. Boulder’s property had already had great renown in the West, and the addition of a luxury hotel firmly established Boulder as a place for residents from all over America to come and visit. University students have regularly populated its rooms since the beginning, when Hotel Boulderado opened its doors on New Year’s Day in 1909. It has been doing a booming business ever since.

The Millennium Harvest Hotel is another fine choice for nightly lodging, located next to the University of Colorado and the 29th Street retail district of Boulder, making it a fantastic stopping point for vacationers and prospective students checking out the campus for the first time. Its breathtaking views and strategic location next to so many things to do makes it a prime choice for first time visitors to Boulder, and many have chosen it as a favorite to come back to time and time again.

The Boulder City Marriott brings its traditional excellence and quality name under its roof with its ample rooms and luxurious suites, breakfast bar, and location just minutes away from the downtown shopping district and the University of Colorado. This, too, is an excellent bargain and a wonderful place to stay, whether for a night, two nights, or a week. The Marriott brand of hotels brings the same level of excellence and quality customer service with every hotel they build, ensuring you a great stay and top quality service with plenty of amenities, spacious rooms, world renowned room service, and excellent food.

The Boulder University Inn is for students getting ready to enroll for the next school year and for students living off campus. It is a budget motel for those who need a place to stay on the cheap, and has amenities such as an outdoor pool and free breakfast, balcony view, two beds and a work table, and free wifi. This is a choice for those on a modest budget who are vacationing in Boulder or have a need to do business or enroll for classes.

Many things attract new people to Boulder each year, from the University of Colorado to the gift shops and marvelous department stores, all within reach of these motels, priced for different people’s budgets. There are plenty of reasons to stop in and see Boulder, which has such a rich history and scenic views, directly at the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Outdoor sportsmen such as mountain climbers will have good reasons to come through Boulder on their way to their next expedition. Every year, new people make their way to Boulder, experiencing all this great city has to offer for the first time. It is easily one of the largest cities in the United States, making it home to many successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, and college professors teaching at the University of Colorado, in addition to its many shop owners and other small business venturers who have done well for themselves here. The strategic placement of fine hotels around Boulder ensures that everyone from every background and within all budgets has a chance to put up for the night here and take advantage of all that this historic location has to offer. The Hotel Boulderado, due to its illustrious history, has been made an official historic landmark, ensuring that it will be here for people to see for generations to come. It really is a magnificent hotel, offering top class amenities and the best views anywhere in Boulder. Regardless of age or season in life, there is something for everyone in Boulder, which is why so many people make it a point to come visit each year, and many, many people are proud to call Boulder their home.

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