Dirt Devil Easy Steamer - Steam Cleaning with the Dirt Devil Easy Steamer

benefits of steam cleaning using steam machines

Dirty spots on furniture and carpets are not only an eyesore, but they can also carry germs that are bad for health. Hiring a professional cleaning company is expensive, and do-it-yourself steam cleaners can be heavy, bulky, and difficult to use. The Dirt Devil Easy Steamer is a great cleaning machine that does not cost a lot and will easily clean dirt and spots from furniture and carpet.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Steam can be used to clean flooring, bedding, furniture, bathrooms, and any other surface in a home or office. Steam will clean and disinfect surfaces, as well as kill bacteria in a natural way due to the high temperature of the steam. Using water that is super heated, steam will clean grease, kill mold and mildew, attack allergens where they hide, and get rid of grease and grime.

Mops and buckets often just push dirty water around, and cleaning chemicals can be toxic, especially to children and pets. Steam cleans deeper than plain surface cleaners, and this will result in an environment that is much healthier and cleaner.

Using Steam Machines

Steam cleaning machines can be either very large and bulky or small compact units without much power. But the Dirt Devil Easy Steamer machines are lightweight, easy to carry around the house, and pack a punch when steam cleaning.

The Dirt Devil Easy Steamer cleans stains and dirt from carpets and furniture easily, and drying time will be minimal when used properly. In order for a steam cleaner to be effective, it has to be easy to use with no fuss. The actual machine should be lightweight and the attachments easy to find and assemble.

Dirt Devil Easy Steamer

When looking for a lightweight and easy to use steam cleaning machine, the Dirt Devil Easy Steamer is a machine that will clean while being cost-efficient. The Easy Steamer is compact, fast, and easy to use. It has a handle that will lay flat so that cleaning under beds and furniture is easy. The Dirt Devil Easy Steamer is designed to be slim and lightweight which means cleaning around heavy furniture is not difficult.

Though the Dirt Devil Easy Steamer is light in weight, it has a two-motor system that is powerful. It is good for cleaning the whole house as well as for cleaning smaller spills and messes. Another benefit of the Easy Steamer is that it is easy to store and will not take up too much room like other large, bulky steam cleaners.

The Dirt Devil Easy Steamer is a bagless system machine that has a working weight of around 12 pounds. It comes with a 25 foot cord and has a clean and dirty water capacity of one gallon. It also comes with a bottle of cleaning solution and a replaceable filter. The handle is an easy to hold D-shape, and uses a motorized brushroll type of cleaning brush. This makes for a convenient, yet powerful cleaning system. For a few dollars more, furniture attachments for cleaning are available on the Dirt Devil Easy Steamer Deluxe model.

How to Use the Dirt Devil Easy Steamer

Two cups of the cleaning solution is put into the cleaning reservoir and then filled the rest of the way with hot water. The cleaning solution reservoir is then put back in place and the Easy Steamer can be turned on after plugging it in. A foot release pedal will release the handle into the moving and cleaning position. A spray trigger releases water as the machine is moved forward and then backwards over the carpet. For dirty spots, move the machine over the area a couple of times to ensure deep cleaning. Releasing the trigger and moving the machine over the spot just cleaned will pull any excess water from the carpet for faster drying time.

When cleaning furniture, turn off the brush roll and connect the attachment to the adapter for the trigger. Then put the attachment for the hose into the tank for dirty water, and put the connector for the base’s supply in the clearly marked spot. Follow the same directions for using the Easy Steamer for carpets by pressing and releasing the trigger spray.

When the water tank is full of dirty water, pressing the release latch will facilitate emptying the water tank and cleaning the filter.

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