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Aa Road Map - Why An AA Road Map Is Crucial

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If you’re planning a trip to Europe any time soon, one of the things that needs to be near the top of your list is an AA Road Map. Perhaps the premier publisher of road maps for Europe, as well as city guides and leisure guides or walking tours of different areas, AA Road Maps are highly regarded both for their completeness and their ease of use.

Even if a traveler in Europe or the UK has no plan to drive or cycle anywhere, an AA Road Map is still an extremely useful resource simply because they offer the person new to the area a chance to see where everything is. Trusting the destinations and the ways to get there to a tour guide or taxi driver may be okay, but it is also nice to have some idea about the right way to get somewhere. This lets the savvy traveler know when something may not be exactly right, both increasing one’s safety and reducing any lost time to lost directions. Additionally, sitting down with an AA Road Map and taking a good hard look at where things are can sometimes illuminate hidden surprises or reveal sightseeing locations that the traveler might not have known about or had forgotten.

But why go with AA Road Maps? Simply because they are the largest publisher of road maps and travel guides in the UK. They have been publishing road maps and travel guides for 100 years. One of the top ten travel publishers in the world, they have begun to expand beyond their standard base of operations and apply their reputation for accuracy and completeness to cities beyond the borders of the UK and Europe. Now offering city guides for major cities and areas in North America, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. While they do not offer an AA Road Map for every country, they are expanding their offerings at a reasonable rate, which is something one would expect from a company that has been in the road map and travel guide business for 100 years.

But why would a driver need a big, huge atlas or road map? Isn’t it safer and easier to just get a GPS system for the car? True, a GPS system provides instantaneous directions and a constantly updated readout or where the car is and where it should be going. They are wonderful pieces of technology and should be used as often as they can be. There are some limitations of a GPS system for the car that highlight the need for an AA Road Map. In all honesty, sometimes a GPS system can get the directions wrong. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen, and when driving in an unfamiliar country on the opposite side of the road it can be a little hair-raising to say the least. Additionally, GPS systems only work when the car is working. If the car breaks down or the battery dies, they are fairly useless. Plus, planning out one’s route for the next day or the coming week is rarely done while sitting in the car. That work is often done in the comfort of one’s hotel room or even one’s own home before the trip.

That isn’t to say that the AA Publishing Company eschews technology. In fact their website has an extensive trip planner that allows the user to input starting locations and destinations and displays not only a detailed, zoom-able map, but also displays explicit driving directions and distances. These can be printed up and taken on the journey if so desired. Relying on a company with such a long and storied history for up-to-date technology and trip planning on the internet is a wise choice.

Buying an AA Road Map, whether traveling in their backyard of Britain and Continental Europe or the far-flung reaches of the world, makes sense. Having an easily viewable and searchable map for trip planning and traveling is a good idea. Whether for business travel or pleasure, for recreation or sightseeing, an AA Road Map is a god investment. They offer spiral bound or softbound editions, as well as handsome leather bound editions for the home or office. Students, business people, travelers, or simply those curious about the world will all benefit from purchasing an AA Road Map.

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