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Bc College Of Physicians - What Makes the BC College of Physicians Special?

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The British Columbia College of Family Physicians, often simply referred to as the BC College of Physicians, is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to keeping its members up-to-date on all of the latest advances in medicine. The BC College of Physicians is made up of licensed medical practitioners across Canada, and their high standards are recognized worldwide. Members are required to attend continuing education and training workshops every year, so that they stay current on the most recent medical developments. The College was founded in 1954, and has grown rapidly over the last 56 years. Currently, more than 60% of family practice physicians that actively practice in Canada are members of the BC College of Physicians.

The BC College of Physicians is dedicated to four principles of family medicine. The first principle is that, “The family physician is a skilled clinician.” This means that family physicians demonstrate a high level of competence in the patient-centered environment of the clinic. The family physician will emphasize with a patient’s thoughts, feelings and expectations, as well as strive to understand the impact of illness on patients’ lives. Physicians will also use their knowledge of human development and social systems to manage patients’ illnesses with a comprehensive approach that includes patients’ families. The skilled clinician will also empower patients to actively participate in the management of their illnesses, allowing them to take charge of their health. Finally, this first principle means that family physicians will be experts on the most common medical problems in their communities, as well as less common, life threatening emergencies. They approach health care with the most recent scientific knowledge.

The second core principle of the BC College of Physicians is that, “Family medicine is a community-based discipline.” This means that family medicine is based deeply in the community, and is a significant influence on the life of the community. As deeply involved and active members of their communities, BC College of Physicians’ members are in a good position to immediately respond to their communites’ changing needs. Members are acutely aware of the attitudes and beliefs of their community, which will impact the time frame that patients use to present their afflictions. Community attitudes will also impact how patients choose to deal with their illnesses and treatment, so knowledge of the community culture allows the physician to understand and empathize with their patients during treatment. Finally, making family medicine community based means that it can take place anywhere in the community. In other words, members still make house calls.

The third principle of the BC College of Physicians states that, “The Family physician is a resource to a defined practice population.” This statement means that members acknowledge the fact that their community is full of people who are at risk for disease, and that they may be unwilling or unable to visit the clinic. To serve their communities, members will be proactive in staying aware of all the members of their community, and going to them when they are in need of assistance. This level of awareness is based on staying active and involved in the community and its affairs, so that members will be up-to-date on all the happenings in the community. This also means that the family physician needs to stay effectively organized, in order to provide the largest range of services possible for the entire community. Members of the BC College realize that family practitioners are a scarce resource, and they need to manage themselves and their time in a way that ensures they can do the most good in their communities.

The fourth and final core principle of the BC College of Physicians, and the most important, is that, “The patient-physician relationship is central to the role of the family physician.” This means that family physicians have a deep awareness and appreciation for the human condition, especially the nature of human suffering that often accompanies illness. Family physicians will strive to always maintain the highest levels of empathy with their patients, while maintaining the highest level of privacy for them. Members are dedicated to always being there for their patients, and to provide them with the highest quality in continuing care. Over the course of continuing care, a special bond will be formed between the physician and patient. This is the greatest reward for members of the BC College of Physicians.

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