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If you are someone like me who loves clocks everywhere in your home, then you will want to find a dealer who sells Howard Miller clocks. These clocks are a masterpiece of design that just really make you love them. They complement any decor and fit perfectly in any room in your home. Howard Miller clocks come in a variety of types including grandfather, mantel, wall clocks, outdoor clocks designed in conjunction with Ty Pennington, and so many different kinds that you cannot imagine. There are so many websites out there that feature these clocks. There are dealers who specifically sell Howard Miller clocks. If you want the best, then you will choose one of the lovely clocks available through these dealers. They are even available on E-bay.

Let us begin by going over the history of the Howard Miller Clock Company. It had its beginnings in 1921. Howard Miller began making clocks under the tutelage of his father, Herman Miller, in Germany’s Black Forest. The factory, though, is located in Zeeland, Michigan. Howard started out at the young age of 21, but even then he had an eye for quality and innovation in his products.

The company began by making mantel and chiming clocks. After 1933, Howard Miller began making clocks of his own original designs. He made many award-winning clocks. Many of these are now museum collectors’ pieces because of the innovative designs.

During WWII, Howard Miller also gave up making clocks along with many other manufacturers to help out the war effort. He worked in conjunction with Ford Motor Company to make anti-aircraft covers. After the war, the government allowed them to return to their manufacture of clocks; they were one of just a few that were allowed to do so.

The 1960’s saw the beginnings of a masterpiece that all of us can honestly love: the grandfather clock. They built a new factor in 1964, and then became known as the world’s largest producer of grandfather clocks. Howard Miller passed away at age 90 in 1995; the Howard Miller Company continues to produce the high quality clocks for which the founder was known. Miller did not just want the clocks to be dependable, but one that could be given from one generation to another. Because of this, the company gives you an heirloom record on which to record the original clock owner’s names and a picture frame. You can also engrave your feelings about your clock on a brass plate as well. Howard Miller always said these clocks should be a family heirloom.

If you are interested in antiques, there is a Moments in Time selection of clocks that are reproductions of antique clocks. There are also maritime and weather clocks as well as a line of clocks for use as memorials at funerals.
They also sell home storage solutions in partnership with Ty Pennington. Howard Miller continues to come out with innovations that are high-quality and have mass appeal.

This would not be complete without a couple of amusing trivia facts. Howard Miller clocks are a featured prize on the game show The Price is Right. Also, They own the Kieninger Company in Germany that makes movements for many of the clocks sold today.

No matter what your home’s decor, there is a Howard Miller clock for you. The prices range anywhere from $5 up to about $15,000. Originally made as gifts for weddings and anniversaries, the clocks offer a beautiful gift for many occasions. The company literally makes hundreds of items.

How can you tell if your clock is a genuine Howard Miller clock? There are several ways. You can make sure you buy only from a Howard Miller authorized dealer for one thing. There are many listed in phone directories or on the Internet. You can also look for their signature logo which has the H over M in the center of the clock’s dial. Another way is to open the back of the clock case and read the label from the manufacturer. Some of these may say made in Germany. You can have your clock looked at and appraised by a well-known appraiser. They can give you tips on preserving your clock as well.

No matter which model you choose, rest assured you will enjoy your Howard Miller timepiece for many years to come. Your children will enjoy it too.

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about 5 years ago

Mine is a 610-484 with serial number 03650204. Is it possible to find out what year it was manufactured?

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