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Duvet Comforter Covers - How to Create Your Own Unique Duvet Comforter Cover

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While there are many beautiful duvet covers to choose from, there are times when we would like to have our own unique style incorporated into our bedding. Accomplishing this can be daunting if you have never sewn before, but don’t let that inhibit your creativity. It is time to visit your local fabric supply store! If at all possible, bring samples of your paint colors and flooring with you as these items should blend with fabrics you are exploring. As duvet covers add additional weight to your comforter, begin your search in lighter weight fabrics such as cotton or cotton blends. Check to be sure that the fabric is washable and colorfast if you intend to remove and wash regularly. Otherwise, dry cleaning of the duvet cover will be necessary. You want to avoid heavier upholstery fabrics for the entire duvet cover as the added weight could prove to be uncomfortable However, adding a beautiful light-weight fabric on the bottom side of duvet is possible which would allow you to coordinate with a heavier weight fabric for the top of the duvet. Here is where your creativity will come into play. If you’ve found a lovely floral or abstract printed fabric that suits your personality, you may wish to pair it with a stripe or small print fabric that coordinates well with the patterned fabric you have chosen for the top. This creates interest when you fold back your duvet and also allows for two totally different looks in your bedroom if you reverse cover. Once you’ve selected fabrics head for the fabric trim area where you are shopping. Edge trim can really add a unique quality to your duvet cover. Lay samples of fabrics you have selected out on table and start laying trim beside them. See which trim may enhance and unify your color selections. Generally, there are salespeople who will assist you with this. It has been my experience that fabric shops will have their own seamstresses or have a list of local workrooms who will assemble your duvet covers for you. Speak to them about the size you will need, whether it be longer at sides or if you want to add pillow shams, etc. They will advise you as to the yardage that will be required. Now sit back and await your beautiful and unique duvet comforter cover generally at a lower cost than retail.

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